Activetrail, by RealCommerce group, is a leading multichannel email service provider with a marketing platform that provides authorized emailing, landing page design, SMS campaign services, dynamic sign-up forms & more.

Activetrail Around the World

With branches in Israel, Germany, France and Latin America, ActiveTrail helps businesses of all sizes and fields from around the world send offers, market products, and nourish relationships with their clientele. Whether you send thousands or millions of emails each month, we’ll provide you with professional, personal and dedicated service. We provide advanced marketing solutions and tools that will meet all of your specific needs and will ultimately lead to a significant increase in revenue.

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Advanced Email and Marketing Solutions

ActiveTrail’s high deliverability rate (almost 100%!) stems from maintaining close ties with internet suppliers (ISPs) worldwide, and will help you reach your client’s inbox smoothly and without any obstacles. With the help of advanced mailing lists, ActiveTrail helps you maintain a continuous relationship with your customers.

In addition, ActiveTrail offers a variety of advanced solutions, meeting the needs of all email marketers: in-depth, accurate statistics for evaluating the success of each campaign, compatibility with spam filters, ersonalization engines, smart, pre-scheduled sending, a management and analysis engine for bounced messages, and more.

ActiveTrail’s personal service & step-by-step guidance is an integral part of our uncompromising commitment to the client’s success in reaching his business and marketing goals. The company’s experts & support staff will be happy to help you with anything you may need for building quality, focused & successful marketing campaigns, both from a technical & a marketing standpoint.