Active Trail o MailChimp?

ActiveTrail or MailChimp: Which one is the right choice for you ?

Hello to all you startups, e-commerce salespeople, large and small businesses looking for flexible mailing packages, marketers working in foreign languages and companies looking for a one-stop shop.

We have an announcement to make: ActiveTrail is the software you’ve been looking for.

ActiveTrail vs MailChimp

Features, services and special programs MailChimp ActiveTrail
Designed Templates
A/B Testing
Mobile Responsive
Multilingual Email Platform
Full Human Support
On-line Chat
Complementary Systems
Landing Page Builder
SMS Sending System
Online Survey Tool
Pop-Up Tool
Advanced Marketing System for E-Commerce
Cart Abandonment Emails
Purchase Follow-Up Emails
Up-sell & Cross-sell   Emails
Coupon Emails
Special Programs
Email packages at various, flexible price ranges
Startup Booster Program-

6 months of absolutely free usage for start-ups

ActiveTrail offers multilingual software that is much more than just email marketing. Responsive emails, automation tools, dynamic sign-up forms, pop-ups with call to action buttons, ActiveCommerce plugin for E-commerce stores, an SMS sending system, a survey system and available professional support.

Startup? We’re giving you 6 months of free usage of the ActiveTrail System

ActiveTrail’s startup program offers six months of free usage for each startup that meets the preliminary requirements. You can save up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

For more info on ActiveTrail startup program

Transferring to ActiveTrail from MailChimp

We’d like you to know that transferring to ActiveTrail is simple and easy.

Whether it’s importing mailing lists, managing account settings or importing campaigns, our professional support team will guide you every step of the way.

If you have any questions, thoughts or requests, please contact us.


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